SER + is a non-profit association created in Buenos Aires in 2012. Its objective is to promote emotional wellbeing in childhood, families and community. Its purposes are:

  • To promote the development and whole care of the childhood, the families and the community, generating conditions of resilience in individuals and groups.
  • To implement programs of prevention and promotion of wellbeing, tending to improve the life conditions in education, sanitary, community and business environments.
  • The formation and training of professionals, teachers, volunteers and parents, in subjects related to health and development.

Our programs

Zippy’s Friends

Since 2012 SER+ implements the program named “Zippy’s Friends” that gives tools to approach everyday problems. It has already benefited more than 1.500.000 children of 30 countries, and was created by the English organization Partnership for Children.

In Argentina the program has benefited more than 5.300 children of nursery and primary schools of Buenos Aires City, as well as cities of the Great Buenos Aires (Avellaneda and La Matanza ) and the Buenos Aires Province (Luján, Chacabuco, Tres de Febrero and Pilar) and Rosario City, in Santa Fe Province.

“Zippy’s Friends” has been recognized as a good practice by the World Health Organization. In our country it has been declared of Educational Interest by the municipalities of Chacabuco and Pilar, and by the Undersecretary of Education and Educational Coordination of Buenos Aires City Government.

The program is intended for girls and boys from 5 to 9 years who attend schools and community organizations. It is applied by teachers and other adults who take charge of the children, who receive training in concept and method aspects, as well as accompanying.

Sumate a SER+
A Zippy´s Friends session

Emotional wellbeing´s Training Courses

Every day we can see at schools social problems that impact in the emotional
climate of the classroom, influencing in the welfare of the pupils. So to include in the training of the teachers contents about emotional wellbeing and values; it is a priority.

Since 2013 SER + has trained more tan 6oo teachers and volunteers of
community organizations. , working out  training workshops in the cities of
Buenos Aires, Tres de Febrero and Pilar, Victoria (Entre Ríos), and Rosario and
Venado Tuerto (Santa Fe).

Training session

Emotional wellbeing´s Workshops for Parents

In SER+ we put forward to the families meeting and reflection spaces about
the need to promote emotional wellbeing in their homes, stimulating a
more emphatic and healthy upbringing.

The workshops are conceived so that mothers, fathers and other adults in
charge of the children can share life experiences freely and pleasantly, and
can listen to other peers with similar interests and needs, facilitating them to learn from others, and enrich their own sights.

Since 2013, 450 people took part in the Workshops for Parents of SER+,
performed in CABA, Avellaneda, Pilar, Chacabuco and Pergamino, as well as
in Victoria (Entre Ríos) and Venado Tuerto and Rosario (Santa Fe).

Taller de Familias SER+
Workshop for Parents

Opening of toy libraries

With the objective of promoting the right to play in the childhood, SER+ sets in
motion Toy Libraries in schools and community centres.

Since 2016, SER+ has set in motion 2 Toy Libraries in the head offices of the
NGO “Manos en Acción” in Pilar and 2 Toy Libraries in the EPI (Spaces of Early
Childhood) in Tres de Febrero.

In order of providing Toy Libraries for the organizations, several actions are needed:

  • Diagnosis of the needs of the organizations and the space for the toy library.
  • Purchase of playing materials, games, toys, elements of bookshop andplastics, as well as furniture.
  • Conditioning of the physical space and setting up of the toy library.
  • Training of the members of the organization in the coordination of playing meetings and management of the Toy library.
  • Accompanying and supervision from the team in the coordination of
  • playing meetings and management of the Toy Library.
Toy Library